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Ghetto Tunes Head Coach, DJ Blingg Says He Has Enough Music to Release Another Album

Updated: Apr 18, 2021



G.T.M.G.R head coach, DJ Blingg spent the entire year producing, writing and mixing music for his record label proving to be the backbone, it's said that he has countless tracks awaiting to be mix & mastered that have yet to be released.

He announced to BlastFM Blog & Radio that he would be releasing all his exclusive recording EP's along with much more unheard music just and time to promote his brand new album entitled The Essentials which showcases all his hit records.

It seems the podcast DJ has so many tracks he's decided to do a Vol. 2 for the opening release of The Essentials Album & EP. The Essentials Vol. 2 album cover has an autographed signature classic blanket cover reading I.C.2.T.$ outlined with his name and album title. Both tapes are said to be released on Jan 21, 2021, but no tracklist for Vol.2 has not yet been listed.

He says that his album all and which entitled ''The Essentials'' represents the lifestyle of a daily southerner born & raised from the trap is the ambition and testicular fortitude anyone can gain from the lifestyle of overcoming their on odds and putting the essentials things first.


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DJ Blingg explains why his sound is original and stands far out from others who may be following the same sound that trends time after time causing him to

fall back!

DJ Blingg goes off the record to let bloggers know that he's not a rapper, never was, and never will be. After reaching out to BlastFM Blogs to let his fans and supporters know exclusively that he's not a rapper and never attended on being one, the podcast DJ states that he's a poet and he writes his music from what he has experienced and/or has gone through in his life metaphorically.



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