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DJ Blingg Has Come Clean About Biting Jadakiss Ft. Style P "We Gonna Make It" LP

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


The reality podcast rap DJ says he’s coming clean after announcing that his record entitled “We Gon Make it” was entirely inspired by Jadakiss ft. Style P and their hit single (We Gonna Make it) in which was released in 2001 on Jada's debuted album (Kiss tha Game Goodbye) album.

Kiss tha Game Goodbye is the debut studio album by American rapper Jadakiss. The album was released on August 7, 2001, by Ruff Ryders Entertainment and Interscope Records. The album debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200 and number two on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.


DJ Blingg faces the music after paying homage to those who came before him in the hip hop & rap game saying his record entitled (We Gon Make It) was entirely boosted from Jadakiss's LP featuring Styles P. The reality podcast rap star says he’s not ashamed to say his record was aspired by the whole entire record sorely and explains as to why & how.

DJ Blingg says the track started coming together once he finally got the samples to loop on tempo which was followed by a hard irresistible drum pattern but no lyrics he said would register until days later.

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DJ Blingg knows firsthand how it feels to get his material as much as melodies boosted by other artists without any clarification as to whom what, when, and where. He says he wants to let artists know it's totally okay to get inspired by other musicians, but not so much as to boost whole songs entirely but to enlighten musicians to get inspired to make original music in so many words.

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After playing the beat over and over again during this particular mixing session, I kept on hearing Jadakiss's "We Gonna Make It" chant in my head during the playback so I guess it just started to register that that was what I was hearing as I was mixing so I started to build around the chant and end of itself ended up writing two verses with the production using the chant as a hook,

We Gon' Make It, We Gon' Make It, WE GON' MAKE IT!..

I mixed the record down in just under a week then ripped it onto my iClould for to get it over to my manager in which was my cousin Lewis G at that time just to see what he’d think about it genuinely.

Now that I think to be quite frank, he was the real reason a third verse was even added because he insisted that I lay the third verse to stretch the record over the 2 1/2 minute marker because the beat was so groovy. My cousin had became such a big fan of the record he'd liked it so much he suggested that I go for a third verse, lol... Two ears is always better then one.

After taking a big chunk out of his musical catalog the rap disc jockey is set to roll up his sleeves and deliver yet another album EP and which is said to have personally handpicked tracks that he felt by far were his best audio recordings.


DJ Blingg Opens up for the First Time About Losing His Rap Partner & Blood Bother,

R.I.P “Nique Tha Reepa” aka “FreakNique.”

R.I.H 🕊 NIQUE THA REEPA 🕊 1985 - 2020

DJ Blingg breaks his silence after a long uphill battle with the loss of his brother Freak Nique & 1/2 of Ghetto Tunes rap group in dedications with his LP "We Gon Make it" to celebrate his brother's good time & memories.



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