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DJ Blingg Presents (Da Pattycake Man vs Baby Cook) - Virtual Battle Debate

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Time has awaited for BlastFM Blog's to deliver a legendary rap battle amongst two of the most elite rappers in the rap game, DJ Blingg presents his egotistical virtual rap battle debate were there has to be one crowned king on the mic (Da Pattycake Man vs Baby Cook).

For everything that is hip hop/rap the podcast rap star

DJ Blingg has blessed us with an unforgettable battle genre of his very own.


Baby Cook vs Da Pattycake Man


After taking an even bigger chunk out of his musical catalog the podcast rap star along has produced a rap battle for the ages, DJ Blingg somehow has locked in a rap battle amongst his alias & aka (Da Pattycake Man vs Baby Cook).




Although rap critics are not in very much support of any rap artist battling their own alter ego in any event, labeled in the music industry as ludicrous to confront an ego the rap star sends out a bold shout out to his platforms & nonprofit while putting his ego and non-supporters in check.





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