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Hip Hop to Influence the Next Presidential Election

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Will Hip Hop Influence the Next Presidential Election

Hip-hop & rap entertainment has already stated that its here to stay after influencing many generations of different cultures, some of many whom have gain great success and built many enterprises while capitalizing on the music and entertainment industry has also influenced the majority with their popularity alone.



Barack Obama Praises Lil Wayne

A wildcard question surfaced on BlastFM's Radio news feed sparking new conversation for the US Census Bureau in analyzing statistical data that hip hop could influence the next Presidential Election.


Kanye West for president in 2020?

Hip hop and urban rap has shown to be powerful voices for America deliberately and its political views and standpoint on different laws & other endeavors which any political party would want to win.

Beyonce and Jay-Z show support for Hillary Clinton

Cardi B Supports Bernie Sanders In Rare Political Post: 'We Let Him Down'

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