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2 Chainz vs C-Murder & TRU

Updated: Mar 21, 2021


TRU Records Artist Vs Explains C-Murder’s Issues With 2 Chainz

C-Murder Pissed with Rapper 2 Chainz for Allegedly Taking T.R.U Logo and Makes a Diss Record to Letting Him Know

“I made this TRU shit, 2 Chainz / Fuck you, nigga / Pussy-ass nigga,” C-Murder raps. Throughout his career, C-Murder has used “Tru” in his music including for the titles of the 2002 album Tru Dawgs and 2006’s The Tru Story…Continued.

In “2 Stainz,” he also addresses his prison sentence and says 2 Chainz couldn’t survive the conditions in the penitentiary.

“Man, my partner just notified me that C-Murder made a diss song about me,” 2 Chainz says in a video post. “That’s hard as fuck. C-Murder has always been hard as fuck. True.”


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