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Can Hip Hop Influence the Next Presidential Election?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Will Hip Hop Influence the Next Presidential Election


Ice Cube Weighs In

Hip-Hop Entertainment News & Blog's and all of their organizations are set and willing to endorse any political party that has a plan set forth to tackling key issues to what they feel are keynotes to their political agenda.


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Barack Obama Praises

Lil Wayne

RELATED POST: BlastFM Blog & Radio Say They May Have Found a Presidential Candidate to Endorse

2020 presidential candidates who could take on Trump

A wildcard question surfaced on BlastFM Blog news feed sparking new conversation for the U.S Census Bureau in analyzing statistical data that "Hip Hop" could influence the next Presidential Election.


Young Jeezy "Let’s not lose the message!"

In the mist of the battle. It’s imperative we prepare for the war. Same way we fighting in the streets in numbers with strength. We must fight at the polls. We ain’t letting up. Not now, Not ever. It’s time We got work to do‼️

#OurVoteCounts #BlackVoteCounts #ITSTIME #WEGOTWORKTODO


Kanye West for president in 2020?

Hip hop and urban rap has shown to be powerful voices for America deliberately in its political views and standpoints on different laws & other endeavors which any political party would want to win.

Beyonce and Jay-Z show support for Hillary Clinton

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Cardi B Supports Bernie Sanders In Rare Political Post: 'We Let Him Down'

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