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Cardi B Microphone Checks Rude Audience Interrupting Her Set While on Stage

Cardi B apparently got heated doing a show in Las Vegas on Saturday, when straight outta the blue an audience person attending the venue didn't have much to say to Cardi, But her action show said a lot about her being happy to see the entertainer.

Cardi B tossed her performing microphone vigorously dead smack straight at a rude bystander who launched what looked to be a water bottle or some sort of drink at the entertainer during her performance.


Bloggers are saying she has become the latest artist to have an object thrown at them while onstage.


Offset - Clout ft. Cardi B

Cardi B's first reaction was in total disbelief, tuned quickly into Cardi launching the microphone at the woman who tossed the water bottle.


Offset: just got a huge weight lifted off my shoulders ...



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