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Rapper: Ice T Thinks his Wife Coco Sex Doll Look-Alikes Are a Good Idea

Updated: Jul 4, 2023


TMZ 360 caught up with the fathers of gangster rap, Ice T and his wife Coco Austin along with their daughter Chanel while at the airport and it seems they got them to talk a little bit about politics and sex.


Rumors have it that Ice T's wife Coco may have a sex doll look-alike that looks exactly like her priced at a whopping $3,500 sold online and Ice wants in.

There's no secret Coco & Ice T love to have a little fun and like to share their romance and sex appeals only to disagree with TMZ 360, stating facts that the sex dolls are not of his wife Coco and it does not look like her.

Although Coco seemed to be speechless about the doll findings, Ice T thinks it's a good idea and wants in.



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