DJ Blingg to Break Album Record Sales & Named to be the #1 Unknown Album in Hip Hop!

DJ Blingg Self Proclaimed Company Album Entitled "Chicken Talk" Stream and Download Clicks Has Seen It's Better Days.


The Reality Podcast Rap DJ's blog site has taken it's turn for the worst or Nah!

DJ Blingg's long anticipated album entitled ''Chicken Talk'' didn't match it's numbers and streaming plays as it was originally anticipated in which the label GTMGR and BlastFM Blog & Radio bumped heads over a debate during a 'filibuster' conference style meeting held by and for promotions and marketing.

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It was said that BlastFM Blog & Radio spoke very highly of the album but don't seem to understand the concept to why the album is not doing well and generating new stream plays and subscribers and which the site was promised.

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Although, Ghetto Tunes Productionz did mention that there would be a big budget fix for promotions and marketing, GTMGR agrees with the favor amongst the situation.

"The fix could give the label a chance at finally getting some cap in on publishing and possibly competing on nationwide servers like itunes Apple Music and Spotify devoting exclusive content into marketable merchandise".


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