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The Breakup Heard Around the Music Industry: Cardi B & Offset's Sudden Split

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Celebrity Relationships Often End in Heartbreak: An Analysis of Cardi B and Offset's Split

Could Cardi B and Offset overcome yet another tarnishing break up? Let us know what you think? Join in the conversation


Breaking Down the End of Cardi B and Offset's Relationship: What We Know

Fact or Fiction: Cardi B Addresses All Rumors Surrounding Her Life


High-profile blogs and entertainment sources are not faking it, sources have it that rapper Cardi B has filed for divorce from rapper Offset, claiming her marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Cardi B filed the divorce documents Tuesday in Atlanta, according to a Fulton County Courthouse filing. She states there are “no prospects for a reconciliation” for marriage with Offset.

Setting the Record Straight: Cardi B Distinguishes Fact from Fiction in Latest Addresses!!

Offset proposed to Cardi B ! (Powerhouse 2017)

Cardi B is also seeking primary physical and legal custody of their 2-year-old daughter she has with rapper Offset. Cardi B also would request that Offset pay child support and her legal expenses. The two hip-hop stars have had a rocky marriage since the very start, the couple has had several broke-ups but instead decided to work things out. A hearing in the case is scheduled for Nov. 4.




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