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D.C Twerkers Strikes Again at a Dallas, Texas Restaurant

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

To be or Not to be funky, the D.C Twerkers are back at it again, a restaurant owner in Dallas, Texas went nuts after his management informed him that some anonymous females were twerking in the dining area. The restaurant owner would respond by telling people in the establishment to stop it or leave and go elsewhere!


Convenience store cameras caught two BBW twerkers attempting to provoke a gentleman waiting at the checkout counter at an unidentified convenience store.


Although it's uncertain as to what the twerkers' motives are and why they're targeting & twerking down black males, the D.C Twerker copy cats surely can always earn an exclusive slot on BlastFM News & Blog domain page.

Have You Been Browsing Your Social Media as of Lately... Then You’ve Probably Heard This Story About the D.C Twerkers...


This article reads about two black women and a black male (victim) at a local convenience store in Washington DC who then proceeded to twerk the gentlemen down while waiting at checkout.

The Big Question: Why would they do something so stank?

Washington D.C. police arrested a 22-year-old woman for twerking on a man, and she's charged with third-degree assault.

Our BlastFM Blog Team Was Able to Analyze and Predict an Assumption to the Story; Asking Why Would They Do Such a Thing.

(1) They needed some extra funds for beer.

(2) High on ecstasy


(3) Just perhaps they've been listening to

-Uncle Luke Cap D Coming

Whatever it was that made the young ladies twerk out in public, we sure do hope it was the right play...

At the end of the day, we hope Caramel Kitten keeps twerking by the fishes with her youtube videos.




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