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DJ Blingg - SummerJamHit “Who You Kno” — Rudest Album to Date Goes Deluxe w/ New Bonus Tracks

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

We Care Kids Count Nonprofit Organization is said to be the centerfold of BlastFM in its preparations for “doing good” while creating a brand for its social media platform with no restraints to all genres of music podcasts and radio broadcasting.



The reality podcast rap DJ takes his album to a deluxe status by adding some of his exclusively composed remixes & track-instrumental to his (Rudest Album to Date Deluxe EP) track-list. The concept for the album DJ Blingg says was entirely inspired by his love for hip hop he says he was more than honorable to have collaborations & vibes for the genre of hip hop/rap. Get a gasp at DJ Blingg's new music exclusives and his newest & latest single entitled "Who You Kno" set to be released on 4.20.22.


Drum Loops are one of the most important tools in every music producer’s toolkit, Now easier than ever producers can compose a beat instantaneously with DJ Blingg‘s new beat starter loops sound pack extremely easy to format a beat in seconds.

You can come up with something fresh, or simply use them as a starting point for something else you may have in mind. In this pack, you’ll find free drum packs which include extremely high-quality sounds.



The reality podcast disc jockey says he aims to get thangs cracking with his Summer-Jam-Hit Single “Who You Kno” musicNFT attempting to build a hashtag tread on Instagram


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The podcast disc jockey shared a clip of his new self-produced single "WHO YOU KNO" NFT to his Instagram account to confirm ads and promo widgets with BlastFM Blog's domains.





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