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Nerds Targeted by Bullies, DJ Blingg Says He Wants to See Change on Behalf of His Nonprofits

Updated: Jan 16

We Care Kids Count Nonprofit Organization is said to be the centerfold of BlastFM in its preparations for doing good while creating a brand for its social media platform with no restraints to radio broadcasting.


The Reality Podcast Host, DJ Blingg Has Gone On Record Exclusively To Say He's Had Enough Of The Bullying And He Wants To See A Change & Wants To See It Stopped Expeditiously.


For Every Uninspiring Peer, There is one To Aspire to


-No Bullying Needed-

Reality podcast rap star DJ Blingg is no stranger to advocating the importance of Anti-Bullying along with the effects it has on our youth in conjunction with some adult lives who may have fallen victim to such a profound adversary, some of which whom may not be defined nor respected for what or whom they choose to be in an urban society for which it stands.


DJ Blingg argues that nerdy dress socks, flooded ankle pants, and double lens framed eyeglasses are now at the forefront of his bullying agenda in which people should not be judged for their attire only to fit in with what he call (lames) only to blast his nonprofit organization, WCKC established to serve as an advocate for bringing awareness to bullying and the devastation it causes in low-income neighborhoods.


DJ Blingg took to Instagram to rant and remind his fellow bloggers & subscribers about the dilemma and which bullying has on a great society of networks and which he wants to see a change for the greater of the good to whom are or could be affected.

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The podcast disc jockey shared a clip of his new self-produced single "WHO YOU KNO" to his Instagram account to confirm ads and promo widgets with BlastFM Blog's, and yes for the record the mix session is still taking donation for shout-outs & drops.





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