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DJ Blingg Admits Exclusively To Having A Bad Alcohol Addiction

Updated: Sep 28, 2021


"I Thank God That I'm A Better Person Than I Was Years Ago".


Hip Hop mogul DJ Blingg reveals shocking news to entertainment bloggers and his very on exclusively admitting that he's had battles with alcohol abuse and suffered from depression early on as a juvenile all the way up to his adult years.​

​DJ Blingg revamps his fun days turned trouble times he endured while trying to conquer and gain back his self-respect while battling with alcohol addiction.


Money Cars, Clothes & Plenty Of Alcohol DJ

Blingg Says That Was What They Called The Fast Life

Ugk - Da Game Been Good to Me

"I've ruined friendships, lost money, and a lot of time fighting with that one-eyed monster. After waking up one New Years Day with that busted nose in the Jefferson County Jailhouse on a $6,000 bond I knew my partying days was just about up."


"All the good benefits I was guarantee like my money the cool clothes and fast cars and shit just started decreasing all at once while my alcohol addiction stuck its ugly head out and roared over the mountains.

Bad habits started to take its toll, little did I know I was losing full control of my actions and the decisions I was making was growing rapidly poor do to my addiction, but I still say if it wasn't for my family helping to recognize that I had had an addiction I probably almost as certain I would not have come out on top."




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