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Exclusive Feed: DJ Blingg & (AFG) King B Team Up for 'I'm Gone Stay' Release

Updated: Jan 22

DJ Blingg & **AFG** King B Release New Collaboration: 'I'm Gone Stay


Exploring the Rise of King B: A Deeper Dive into His Latest **AFG** EP

Exclusive Preview: DJ Blingg & **AFG** King B Team Up for 'I'm Gone Stay' Release 

"Get ready for an electrifying collaboration as DJ Blingg and AFG King B join forces for their upcoming release 'I'm Gone Stay.' This exclusive preview gives fans a sneak peek into the dynamic synergy between these two talented artists as they blend their unique styles to deliver a track that's set to make waves in the music scene."

What's Worth Listening To?


"With pulsating beats and captivating lyrics, 'I'm Gone Stay' promises to be a chart-topping sensation that will leave you wanting more. Stay tuned for the official release and be the first to experience the magic of DJ Blingg and AFG King B's collaboration!"

Level Up...

King B drops off a brand new EP banger with GTMGR **AFG's** counterpart to lighten up the load.

King B's latest album release EP is said to be the follow-up kick-off EP to his debuted album **AFG** (Da Mixtape) released in May, of 2023 under GTMGR which included his number one hit record

Rep The Five features the reality podcast rap disc jockey 'DJ Blingg'.

Exceptionally as needed the young male artist shows no sign of resistance in the rap hip-hop genre, 'King B' wasting no time holding back from getting back in the studio to whip up some brand new music the hip-hop industry has yet to experience.

By far with competition on the rise these podcast rap disc jockeys seem to be holding their own with their unremarkable talents occasionally weighing in overall.

Break Down King B's Latest Project: **AFG** For The Streets Follow-Up Tape

Unleashing Royalty: A Review of King B's Latest EP, **AFG** For The Streets

Exploring King B's Latest Release: **AFG** (For The Streets) EP

King B (**AFG** For The Streets)

Executive Produced

by DJ Blingg


**AFG** along with GTMGR & company are pushing for their counterparts to deliver King B's brand new **AFG** follow-up LP

Reality podcast disc jockey took to Twitter vouching for the new record entirely agreeing to go the extra mile to shoot for the record to be released, the podcast disc jockey has agreed to take on the budget to shoot for a possible music video if the record can turn over 300 + views from YouTube once it's released.


BlastFM Blog Feeds are enthused about its genre adding some collaborations with new vibes for the podcast rap genre.







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