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New King B’ Collaboration Mixtape, **AFG** For The Streets, Set for Album Delivery


Ghetto Tunes Music Group Recordings Presents -

King B (**AFG** For The Streets)

Executive Produced

by DJ Blingg


King B with GTMGR AFG's counterpart wasted no time following up his debut **AFG** (Da Mixtape) EP which was hosted by the reality podcast rap disc jockey himself.

**AFG** along with GTMGR & company are pushing for their counterparts to deliver King B's follow-up mixtape project series entited **AFG** (For The Streets) hosted and executive produced by The Reality Podcast Disc Jockey, DJ Blingg which got featured on two tracks on the album duration.


BlastFM Blog Feeds are enthused about its very own rap house genre, branching out adding collaborations with new vibes & sounds for the podcast rap sheet entirely leading the blog plug indefinite

on its prowl.



Still, there are no set details as to when the album will drop, so we're just going to say look forward to the album being released around the holidays -


(For The Streets)

Release Date 12•2•2023 on all Music platforms


Obviously, hip-hop students of the rap game have composed their own rap sequel to the music industry’s encore exposing yet some new hot extraordinary [Pimped-Out] tunes & vibes to BlastFM's underground hip-hop rap genre.


Detroit's hometown artist, King B' jumps back in the Kitchen for the P.I.M.P's who are incorporated with bosses entirely..., No cap!!



& ALL"

SCROLL DOWN TO BROWSE KING B (**AFG** FOR THE STREETS) FULL ALBUM Exclusively & Executive Produced By Reality Podcast Disc Jockey DJ Blingg

Originally from Detroit, American rapper King B' happens to be one-third of the original (P.I.M.P Squad Click) group member.


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DJ Blingg‘s new beat starter loops sound pack extremely easy to format a beat daw in seconds.

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The Reality Podcast Disc Jockey Says He’s Aiming Towards Getting The Mixtape Cracking Fall of 2023,

DJ Blingg:

My partna King B and I are still going over some records and working on some business deals, but overall the workflow is rocksteady and we gonna just groove it out…
On the pimp side just stay tuned !!


-Da Bull Banks-


Adding even more flames to the fire Da Bull Banks (PSC's) third posse camp member has his own repertoire of rap genres bagged in his portfolio of pimped-out lavish tunes.

Da Bull Banks making some major moves under the radar and has been mobbing through the rap industry making boss moves for certain backing his own label serving as head & CEO of (MRC Music Group) & acting A&R of (Little Room Record), and TPCartel not to mention his compilation album entitled "Out Da Blue", laced with str8 bangers.

- Check Out King B - King Bling Mixtape Hosted by DJ Blingg

[Aka Da Pattycake Man]

The podcast disc jockey shared a voiceover clip on his Instagram account to confirm ads and promo widgets with BlastFM Blog's web domains.


"Presents King B - **AFG** For The Streets"



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