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DJ Blingg Marks His "Chicken Talk" LP To Be His Most Influential Rap Record of All Time

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


The reality rap podcast DJ is marking a milestone quintessentially making his number one profound single & podcast mix entitled "Chicken Talk" to be his most influential rap record amongst all his other albums & EP's.

Celebrating with podcast nations, DJ Blingg laces his fans with an exclusive remastered deluxe version after adding his remastered “Chicken Talk” LP to his Vol.2 Essentials Album exclusively with music industrials number one profound audio sound streaming platform, Soundcloud.


Although DJ Blingg's long-anticipated album & LP "Chicken Talk" did not match its streaming numbers as it was originally anticipated in which led the label of GTMGR and BlastFM Blog & Radio to bumped heads over a debate during a studio conference meeting held by and for promotions and marketing.

DJ Blingg's "Chicken Talk" LP has gone on wax to spit game to all the lames, suckas, and short runners who seem to keep coming up short inconsistently time and time again putting the rapping DJ right back on top of things expeditiously.

It was said that BlastFM Blog & Radio spoke very highly of the album but don't seem to understand the concept of why the album was not doing well and generating new stream-plays and subscribers and which its website domain was promised.

Although Ghetto Tunes Productionz did mention that there would be a big-budget fix for promotions and marketing, GTMGR & DJ Blingg agree with the favoring amongst the situation leaving remarks and taunting statements.


"One more for the good guy's",

"the fix could give the label a chance at finally getting some cap in on publishing royalties and possibly competing on its nationwide servers like iTunes Apple Music and Spotify devoting exclusive content into marketable merchandise".

While dealing with critics DJ Blingg goes off record to let hip-hop bloggers know exclusively that he's not a rapper, never was, and never will be. After reaching out to BlastFM Blogs outlets to let his fans and supporters know explicitly that he's not a rapper and never attended on being one, the podcast DJ states that he's a poet and he writes music from what he has experienced and/or has gone through in his life metaphorically.




DJ BLINGG - Chicken Talk Da Soundtrack (Remastered)



To stay at the top of the blog charts the podcast DJ has decided to do a Vol. 2 for the opening release of The Essentials Album & EP. The Essentials Vol. 2 album cover has an autographed signature orange and white classic blanket cover reading I.C.2.T.$ outlined with his name and the album title signifying that there is an album in works. Both tapes were said to be released 1.21.2021, but no track-list for Vol.2 has not yet been listed. Visit the link below for Vol.2 track-list.

BlastFM Blog & Radio exclusively announces his deluxe album after confirming with

I.C.2.T.$ Entertainment that DJ Blingg will be delivering his exclusive deluxe album & EP along with new unheard music just and time to promote his new album “The Essentials” published on Jan 21, 2021, which showcase all of his hit EP & LP’s milestone.



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