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DJ Blingg Announces Follow Up Album "The Essentials"

Updated: Oct 22, 2020


"The Essentials" Follow Up Tape

After taking a big chunk out of his musical catalog the rap disc jockey is set to roll up his sleeves and deliver yet another album EP and which is said to have personally handpicked tracks that he felt by far were his best audio sound recordings.

The Essentials album will showcase all DJ Blingg and GTMGR rap trios best recording sessions exclusively that fans can jone to at their favorite uncle's 420 birthday party, or maybe at an astonishing kickback with the frat buddies either or choice is yours to enjoy.


While going through all his albums and collab tapes,

Da Pattycake Man predicts his new album entitled "The Essentials" project tape album EP to be his most productive and by far his best recording sound quality tape ever. In comparison, DJ Blingg also states he believe that some of his records are before its time complimenting himself as to being a musical genius.



Not being secretive at all about the album, DJ Blingg did spill some tea about tracks he personally handpicked for his new album EP The Essentials an asking for his fans to get engaged in participation and preparations with productions.


DJ Blingg Say He Looks Forward to Remastering His LP's for His Essentials Follow Up Album

"Really really looking forward to working on The Essentials project, all my old hits are coming back with new plug-ins and limiters for sound enhancements rocks like hell.

All the COVID-19 bullshyt putting a hold up on my CT.3 project, I just might kick off The Essentials album with my smoke jam "La La" just to ease the tension and cope with times that so misunderstand."


Never Cook with Dirty Dishes or Else, You Just Might Whip Up a Bird!


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DJ Blingg Essentials Album?

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