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DJ Blingg Celebrates 50 Years of Hip Hop with Brand New Music

Updated: Sep 10


Ghetto Tunes Music Group Recordings Representing for eleven how do outta 50 years of Hip Hop

Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary


The reality podcast rap Disc Jockey takes Hip Hop 50th anniversary to BlastFM Blog Feeds highest height,

after releasing new music following his collaboration tape (AFG Da Mixtape) and solo project (All Day) Album & EP, DJ Blingg shared his brand new single entitled STill.

Obviously, hip hop students of the rap game have composed their own rap sequel to the music industry’s encore exposing yet some new hot extraordinary pimp tunes & vibes to the underground genre taking the rap posse (P.I.M.P Squad Click) to its highest heights once again.



King B - Real King (Feat. DJ Blingg)

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Originally from Detroit, American rapper King B happens to be one-third of the original (P.I.M.P Squad Click) group member.


TO BROWES KING B (AFG MIXTAPE) Executive produced by DJ Blingg


Detroit's hometown artist, King-B went in at his east/coast flow strictly for the pimps who are incorporated with bosses entirely..., No cap!!



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You can come up with something fresh, or simply use them as a starting point for something else you may have in mind. In this pack, you’ll find free drum packs which include extremely high-quality sounds.

We Care Kids Count Nonprofit Organization

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